Electronic gift cards

New popular service and more sales

You will get:

  • The most convenient interface on the market
  • Additional sales from the website and social networks
  • Ability for the customers to pitch in (group gift)
  • Irreplaceable tool for campaigns and contests
  • No need to issue plastic cards

What is it for?

In 2016 we finally saw a spike in the sale of e-gift cards for our clients! The customers got a taste of the convenience of instant gifting, while right on the website's store. 

We expect this trend to continue, since 10% of all purchases are made as gifts (which are often made last minute).

Convert potential customer that are already on your website looking for a present and are on a tight time-frame.

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How does this work?

    1. Convenient selection and sending.

      After selecting an e-gift card and its recepient, the sender pays (using bank card online). The delivery happens quickly and securely over Facebook, email, or SMS.
      It is also possible to print out the gift in form of a post card and present it in person.

    2. The gift card will instantly be delivered to the recepient at the designated date and time!
      Now it will always be available to them via the link in the notification sent by the sender, as well as on your website and on social networks addon with your gift cards. 

    3. The recepient is able to use the gift card in retail and online stores. 

      In an online store the card code is given at the moment of purchase [the link shows the details of the offer - example of a top bar]. In a retail store it is necessary to show the unique number or QR-code for the card on the phone or as a print out.  

How to use this?

  1. Addons and widgets for selling paid gift cards on your website

    Ability to sell paid gift cards on the website: Either from the special section in the menu or in the «Gift Cards» footer, or with a side banner, which is always visible to the visitor (no coding is required from you), or with a conditional pop-up widget.
    Holidays and days around the holidays: Visitors are redirected to your «Gifts» section (if you have one). Any other trigger for your specific needs.

      • Client registration into the Loyalty program. You get the contact information and a closer relationship with your client 

      • Purchases. Cashback - such a straight forward and pleasant thing! You decide what percentage of the purchase price you return to your client for their purchase or purchases of their friends that they invited.

      • Friend invites on social media. Your customer can share about your product and services with their friends and acquaintances on social media. Since their friends' profile is about an 80% match of their profile, their friends is also your target audience.

      • Partnership programm. Your customers can get points both for inviting, as well as the purchases made by their invitees. Multilevel marketing, more often than not, works great for sales - it just needs to be convenient and straight forward.

      • Birthdays. Personal attention on that day is most appreciated. Gift points and congratulate each customer on their birthday - they will remember and recognize your business, and thus purchase more from you!
  2. Corporate greetings

    Work gifting is now a quick and convenient process - just load your email list, enter a greeting, and select the gift card image.
    Send - that's it!

  3. Gift card creation during holidays is much easier and quicker for your customers compared to the trip to the store. Additionally, purchase returns can be processed as an equivalent to the original, your branded card.

  4. For SMM-strategy: give away prizes in contests in form of very attractive, branded gift card posts. The post will be seen by all of the winner's friends, all the while increasing your brand recognition.

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Why choose us

Smart viewing setup! Показы нужным людям в нужный момент


    • Why would our clients want to use gift cards?

      Purchase selection and delivery process in a large city is not always full of joy. For your clients, GIFTD – a possibility to quickly congratulate their friend, «mix-up» their social networks interactions and give gifts while saving time and money. 
      GIFTD is for those who:

      • Did not purchase a gift in time or is really frugal with their time.
      • Is not able to see the person they want to congratulate in person.
      • Is an active social networks user and appreciates the social aspect of the gift giving.
      • Want to give a present to a large number of friends or co-workers at once.
      • Got interested by a discount offered by you and wants to invite a few friends to pitch in for a shared gift.
      • With GIFTD you gift users the ability to give a gift card, which can be immediately delivered to their friend (or at a specific time in the future) and the recipient will get to use it based on their personal preference.

      We are not suggesting this functionality with explode your sales. For «givable» products and services (i.e. spa, massage salons, etc) gift cards can be as high as a few dozen percent of their revenue, for others single digits. However, thus functionality is so easy to setup, that it is a must have!


    • How do I get the money for the gift card sales online?

      If your company already has the ability to redeem plastic cards and e-cash online, we’ll setup your online acquisition system and you’ll receive the money directly into your bank account. If such connection is not part of your plans, GIFTD has its own online acquisition and your customers are able to make bank card / e-cash payments right away. Customer’s money is received onto GIFTD account and we will regularly wire your remittance, as per our agreement (request agreement template).

    • How are the gift cards delivered?

      The delivery is done is form of a link, following which the gift recipient will be identified and will be able to use the card on your website, or will get a secret code to use in the retail store.

      When the delivery happens on social media, the recipient gets a personal notification, and they will definitely get the present. At the same time, the message about the gift card will appear on the senders and/or recipients news feed and can be seen by their friends. It is great for your company, since it attract new users. However, if the sender wants to make a private gift, which no one should know about, they can always choose SMS or email as the delivery method. The reverse is also possible - limit the gift option to social media only, so their action attracts more attention to your brand.

    • Why use GIFTD if we can develop our own solution?

      Development of your own solution for gift cards and referral program is an extremely interesting task … if you have the time. However, to constantly keep up to date and functional such a complex service is not. Development and support is best done by an outside provider.

      If you do decide to develop such a solution on your own, here are a few advices:

      • Gift cards ought to be customizable nearly on the fly – the customer should be able to in no time change the design, amount, widget settings and presentation logic without you having to dedicate internal resources to this.
      • Gift cards ought to begin with a minimal value and the giver should be able to enter any amount and personalize their gift.
      • Keep in mind all of the communication channels and create appealing transaction mail templates. It is necessary to setup trigger system: send, receive, use, reminder, etc.
      • To have the ability to increase effectiveness, collect statistics online and conduct A/B testing on all of the variables. Resulting conversion increase can be many times the starting values.
      • Предлагайте решение во всех онлайн средах: на сайте, в соцсетях и в смартфонах.
      • Избитая вещь, но это вездесущая проблема: UX. Для отправителя послать карту должно быть в минимальное количество кликов. Для получателя должно быть понятно, что он получил и что с этим делать. Если у вас в команде нет сильного проектировщика сервисов, наймите дизайнера пользовательских интерфейсов. Это будет лучшая инвестиция :)
      • Отыскивайте «адвокатов» — самых ценных людей, ведущих максимальное число новых клиентов и придумывайте новую мотивацию для них.
      • Отслеживайте и пресекайте злоупотребления и мошеннические действия. Подарочные карты — это как наличные. Сервис должен быть надежно защищен от взлома и халявщиков.
    • How are the gift cards redeemed?

      n the gift card settings, you'll need to decide how will your customer be able to use your cards. Each gift card has a unique numeric identifier, which is also encoded as QR and barcode. GIFTD provides all the tools for secure redemption of your customer's sent or purchased gift cards.

      Online store gift card redemption:

      In most cases, the user will have either a link or a "use" button, clicking on which they will be transferred to your online store and see their secret code, as well as how to use instructions. Typically, their secret code will be entered into the promo code field during the checkout, which is when the total order value is reduced by the value of the gift card. The remainder, if any, the customer pays using their regular payment method. The customer can also add the code to the order notes or phone it in - these conditions are entirely up to you. 

      Retail store gift card redemption:
      The gift card number can be confirmed through the GIFTD gift card control system by voice menu over the phone or a computer connected to the internet. We also offer an app (GIFTD Panther for iOS and Android), in which case no additional integration is necessary and a high level of security requirements is maintained. If it is necessary to enter gift card numbers directly into the POS, it is necessary to integrate GIFTD gift card control system with your IT system or develop redemption rules specific to your company. (For maximum security, gift card confirmation ought to happen in real-time).

    • How can I be certain that all of the gift card transations are secure and I will not lose money?

      GIFTD gift cards - absolutely secure. We pay added attention to security and ensured that the security is equivalent or greater than with physical gift card transactions. At the time of issue, each gift card is given a unique ID. Gift card redemption takes place online, for which we developed integration mechanisms.Thus we eliminate the possibility of an unsanctioned or duplicate redemption of the card's funds.

      You get all of the transactional information online for each operation. You can also set to receive notifications for all high value transactions. GIFTD protocols use the same level of encoding as the banks and financial institutions. When paying for the gift cards with a bank card or another payment tool, GIFTD passes on 256bit encoded information to the target bank over HTTPS/SSL (the information is not processed by GIFTD).

      The gift card redemption app tracks and saves the following details: user profile, time, place, cashier (if done at a retail POS), order amount, and payment amount. 

      For you, this means that the customers will be happy with the service, you'll make money, and your customers will get their presents either by paying or providing a tangible achievements for your company.


    • What should I do with my existing physical gift card program?

      GIFTD blends well and can enhance your current gift card programs and can positively influence their sales. In the cases of existing or a soon to be physical gift card program, please contact us with the information about its main parameters, so, if necessary, to mirror the physical gift cards with e-cards and use documentation, ways of integration and other details of such a program.

    • How does an e-gift card different from a plastic one?

      Just about everyone knows what is a gift card. It is a certificate of a set value, which can be purchased at a store and given as a gift to anyone. The gift card recipient is consequently able to use this certificate in the store that issued it to pay for products and services. In essence, the main difference of the e-gift card from a plastic one: issue format, which leads to the key differences - ability to gift it remotely and have it delivered over email, SMS or social media. E-gift card is typically redeemed in the online store of the issuing company, but also have the option to be redeemed in a retail store.

    • Is it difficult to launch GIFTD?

      Not at all! To enable GIFTD widgets you'll need to setup your gift cards (we'll help you with that) and adjust the tool settings. All of that is done in 4 simple steps, in about 10 minutes, in the Master settings. 

      All that is necessary for integration - installing GIFTD for your Content Management System (we have presets for the most common ones) or add a few lines of code to your website's HTML (in this case it is also necessary to include the promo codes in your CMS). 

    • What is the customization capability?

      GIFTD is extremely flexible :)

      We are able to quickly and easily change the logic behind discount offers and showings, as well as the look of gift and promo cards and all support elements.

      Our solutions are installed on the websites of very attentive and picky with design clients and appear as an organic part of their website.

    • What happens if the client wants to return the product bought with a gift card?

      A gift card does not change your relationship/interaction with your customer.

      If the customer wants to return the product purchased with a gift card, they are given a new gift card with the same conditions (value, expiration date) as the originally used gift card, but with a new unique ID, thus the new card is just as secure as a new one.

      In the event the customer wants to get the cash back for an unused gift card, with your permission (you are not required to offer this), the original card purchaser will receive a refund, using your regular method for such transactions.

    • Will I receive any data in the process of using GIFTD tools? 

      Of course! With us you'll expand the knowledge of your customers and their leanings!


      We make all of the information regarding GIFTD tools and customers' behavior history automatically available in an easy to use format. Also, GIFTD gives the ability to monitor Google Analytics data straight from personal cabinet. You will not need to separately setup the system to be able to analyze the effectiveness of your GIFTD tools. Google Analytics gives the ability to track the number of visits and track real time trends.

      Every gift or promo card sent by your customers using any of our tools is tracked in a comprehensive database accessible in your personal cabinet. You'll be able to evaluate the effectiveness of GIFTD tools and marketing channels used to disseminate the cards and tweak them further using that information. All of the Google Analytics data about your electronic gift or promo cards is collected in a centralized location.



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