You can pay with BIT-tokens!

Specify the number of visits per month to your site:

  • < 50 000
  • < 100 000
  • < 250 000
  • > 250 000
  • Free

    • Motivational Tool/Widget

      Increases the purchase amount on your site, increases conversion, fights with abandoned baskets.

    • Referral tool / widget

      Your customers voluntarily advertise your company on their pages, attract new customers from social networks.

    • Digital gift cards

      Provide an opportunity to connect gift cards to the site and sell them on resources
      Read through Terms and Contract offer.

    Limitation: 30 promo-codes issued a month

    Increase conversion rates and attract new customers for free!

    • GIFTD.Motivators

      • Increase the conversion by 5-50%

      • Increase in the value of an average receipt by 10-20%

      • Gather contacts of site visitors

      • Returned customers

      • Promote your business in social networks

      Increase the profit from each visitor of the site for only:

      Upon request
    • GIFTD.Loyalty

      • Makes buyers who bought once, regular and loyal customers

      • Stimulates customers to recommend you to their friends

      • Encourages buyers to act beneficial to your business

      • Gives bonus points and increases sales

      • Motivates customers to buy MORE, without additional costs for business

      Turn customers into regular customers of your company for only:

      Upon request
    25% discount
    Special offer
    25% discount
    Total: $6000 $6000/mo. = 6000 BIT By agreement


  • What are the principles of rate formation?
    We start with the fact that you must earn more than you spend using GIFTD. Prices are determined by the approximate number of users interacting with GIFTD tools, which we can calculate based on your current traffic figures. Sales through our service depend on the size and specifics of your store, as well as the offerings and settings of the tools you have defined.
  • Can I stop the subscription, or change the rate plans?

    Yes - no limit! You can stop the subscription at any time. You can also switch to a different rate plan whenever you want.

  • How do I pay?

    After the expiration of the test period, you simply replenish your account according to the rate plan based on your volume. From this day, the payment is fixed for the next month’s period.

It feels sooo good to have happy clients :–)