boost your online sales

with rewards that drive user engagement - Fast and Easy!

You’ve built your site and the users are coming, BUT

 only 3 out of 100 users complete the purchase.

Reward your users with:

  • Discounts
  • Promocodes
  • Points
  • Gift cards

Achieve measurable results

Seven "PROS" and one small "CON"


    We know what to do and have a comprehensive set of beautiful solutions 
    to achieve the results on any website.


    Increase your brand's footprint via social media "word of mouth".


    Powerful referral marketing tools, which enable your current customers to invite their friends in 2 clicks.


    Smart incentives that increase conversion, along with protecting your margins.


    Additional e-gift card sales channel on your website and social media, which allows to gift your products or services remotely and instantly.


    Improve behavioral statistics of your customers for search engines and social networks.


    Efficient tools from one spot, at a fraction of the cost, when compared to ordering separately from different providers.


    GIFTD is a paid service.But we provide tremendous value and make you way more than we charge. 
    And there's a free trial

Find your hidden audience!

Referral Tool

Your average client has 120 Facebook friends and about 
80% of them are your target audience.
However, very few of your clients would share the positive experience they've had with you, unless deliberately asked. 
Reward user's shares on social networks with the GIFTD Referral Tool.
This awesome scenario is used by the giants of growth marketing like Uber and Dropbox - now you can start using it too!
The effort is tiny, the result — long term and valuable: "word of mouth" on social networks boosts your organic growth!

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Last 30 days data

Get the attention of runaways!

Smart Incentive Tool

Runaways... bless their heart.
You work hard to attract traffic to your website, but 96 out 
of 100 visitors will leave without an order.
This tool enables you to motivate them to stay or return shortly! 
It makes sure nobody leaves your site without an outright intention by offering incentives to the “warm” customers. 
The system automatically differentiates "warm" and "hot" 
leads from "cold" visitors and launches the most 
appropriate scenarios.
Reinforced with GIFTD Triggered Emails, it increases conversion by turning around your “almost buyers”!

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You sell less if you don't have this!

Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards are smart retailer's darlings. Start issuing them 
in no time for your online store or service!
Nowadays they ought to be present online everywhere: on your website, Facebook, and other social networks!
They are super convenient: the sender does not need 
to make the choice for the person they wants to send a gift 
to or wait for the delivery. They can send a gift remotely 
and instantly, and even arrange a chip-in - when several 
friends pool their funds for one gift.

GIFTD provides a comprehensive robust platform for a 
quick and safe e-gift card issuance and redemption, both online and in retail stores.


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